Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Interesting Facts About Mitt Romney

10 interesting facts about Mitt Romney Young Mitt rushes to womens' aid 1) In 1967, while serving as a missionary in Nantes, France, Mitt Romney, then 19, was involved in a fight while trying to defend two women from a team of French rugby players. After being alerted to the situation inside his dorm, Romney immediately ran outside barefoot in the snow to where the 2 women were being harassed. Romney ended up getting punched in the face and suffered a badly bruised jaw. Romney tussles with rapper Sky Blu 2) In 2010, Mitt Romney got into a physical and verbal altercation with LMFAO rapper Sky Blu while on a flight from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver to Los Angeles. According to reports, Sky Blue leaned his first class seat back onto Mrs. Romney's legs, prompting Mitt Romney to loudly ask him to lean his seat back forward. Sky Blu stated Romney first grabbed his shoulder while a Romney spokesman claimed Sky Blue had become "physically violent". Canadian authorities boarded the plane and removed Sky Blu from the flight. Romney joins rare racially inclusive frat in 1966 3) In 1966, Romney joined the most diverse and racially inclusive frat on campus at Stanford University. Phi Kappa Sigma, as described by those there at the time--- "We were known as the nice guys. We treated women with respect, we had a reasonably diverse membership, and we were good students." The year before Romney joined, two African American students became members, making that particular chapter the first to accept minorities nationwide. Mitt's Massachusetts church burned down 4) In 1984, while serving as the bishop of a Mormon church in the Boston area, Mitt Romney's church mysteriously burned down. Many had suspected it to be the result of arson.

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